About Assisted Living Cottages

Kevin and Rhea Barklage understand the challenges.

Assisted Living Cottages’ founder Kevin Barklage and his wife Rhea understand first-hand the challenges behind finding a housing solution for loved ones who shouldn’t live alone. With parents who suffered from dementia and other age-related health problems, they and their extended family were forced to find less than ideal solutions for their loved ones who needed help and support on a daily basis. 

Through this experience, the Barklages became passionate about developing a loving and affordable alternative to expensive and often cold and impersonal assisted living facilities and Assisted Living Cottages was born. It’s a game-changer. Now loved ones can remain close to their families, yet retain their autonomy, through hospice care. Equipment and nursing aid can often be brought to them, rather than their having to move from facility to facility as their level of need changes.  Backyard Assisted Living Cottages can also enable many special needs adults to maintain their own households and a level of independence that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. From sharing family meals and celebrations to receiving the assistance they may need on a daily basis in a tender, loving family environment, an Assisted Living Cottage allows you to keep loved ones at home, rather than in a home.

Assisted Living Cottages is not just Kevin Barklage’s business, he sees it as his mission.

A better alternative for senior and assisted living.

Backyard Assisted Living Cottages are an exciting innovation and long needed alternative to assisted living facilities. “Keeping a loved one at home, rather than in a home” is now a more viable alternative with Assisted Living Cottages’ affordable backyard placement and leasing plans. No capital investments, room additions or ADA compliant remodeling is required to keep those who need daily assistance close by.

Loved ones with physical or mental challenges can share meals and family activities, then retreat to their own backyard cottage when they would like to enjoy a bit of privacy. They may even keep a small pet, unlike in many assisted living facilities. Should daily care needs increase, third-party home care agencies and equipment can be brought in by the family for additional support. From simple assistance, up to hospice care, your loved one can stay put as services are brought to them.

Your headache-free answer.

By providing a turnkey solution, inclusive of permitting, site preparation, utility hookup and placement, Assisted Living Cottages offers a hassle-free, easy-to-implement alternative to assisted living facility services. After an initial site preparation and placement fee, monthly leasing for the attractive backyard cottages are a fraction of the monthly cost of an assisted living facility, currently starting at just $1100/mth.