Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the monthly rental fee for an Assisted Living Cottage?

A: Monthly lease cost is $1100, with a one-time upfront $2200 damage deposit required. 

Q: How much is the initial site prep and cottage placement fee?

A: Costs vary dependent on where the cottage is placed and unique challenges the site might present, however, costs average $7,000 to $10,000.  This includes initial site prep and utility hookup, then removal of the cottage when the lease ends. Contact us for a free quote.

Q: What is the minimum term of the lease?

A: The minimum lease term for an Assisted Living Cottage is 6 months.

Q: Can I use the cottage for something other than housing a loved one in need—like an Air BnB or vacation home?

A: Virginia offers zoning protection for temporary family health care structures and cottages which fall within these prescribed protections cannot be used for any other purposes. However, the cottages can be used for other purposes if they fall within standard zoning requirements. Contact us for details.

Q: Should my physically or mentally impaired loved one pass away or no longer need the cottage, what happens next?

A: Virginia zoning for temporary family health care structures required the structure to be removed within 60 days after the physically or mentally impaired resident no longer occupies it.  Simply contact us as soon as you know the cottage is about to be vacated and we’ll make arrangements for its removal.

Q: Can I keep my pet while living in an assisted living cottage?

A: Yes! Your furry friend weighing up to 30lbs is welcome. No need to give up your four-footed family. NOTE: Fees may apply to cover pet damage upon move out if it occurs.

Q: Assisted Living Cottages have 295 square feet of space. Are larger cottages available?

A: Unfortunately, no. Virginia zoning for temporary family health care structures requires the home to be under 300 square feet.

Q: Can my Assisted Living Cottage be customized?

A: Should you choose to purchase (instead of lease) a cottage, customization is available.